L'été arrive, tous à l'eau !

Championnat longe-côte Atlantique

Nandini championne double-pagaie et vice-championne pagaie  (catégorie master) lors du championnat Atlantique qui réunissait la Bretagne, les Pays de la Loire et la Nouvelle Aquitaine).

Pilates and longe-côte

Pilates, an effective method

Many of you already know the benefits of Pilates: sheathing, work of the perineum or pelvic floor and deep (postural) muscles, flexibility, better alignment.

What is less known are the respiratory benefits offered by the Pilates method. By practicing lateral costal breathing — specific to the method — and dorsal breathing, one greatly improves one’s respiratory abilities. Indeed, the practice of these different breaths softens the ribs and increases the capacity of the rib cage. The diaphragm, the main muscle of breathing, is “released” and performs its piston function at best.

It should be noted that the pulmonary alveoli are more numerous in the back and in the lower lungs; on the other hand, the abdominal muscles are the main exhaling muscles (you can experience it by exhaling strongly, both hands on your belly below the navel: you will feel your transverse (one of the deep abdominal muscles) contracting strongly.

Working this muscle with awareness in sheathing exercises improves not only the tone of our abdominal strap, but also the quality of respiratory exchanges.  This is for me an important axis of work in my sessions.

Pilates and longe-côte

In addition to the well-being and daily energy it provides, Pilates is an essential complement to the smooth running of your long-rib sessions:

  • Improving your breathing will allow you better cardiovascular work;
  • Sheathing, better posture in the water and therefore better propulsion;
  • The work of the spine*, better alignment and protection of your lumbar.
  • The joint work (which I take care of particularly in the courses) will allow you to untie your tensions and protect the shoulder joint, particularly mobilized in the long-rib paddle.

Thus, with Pilates – if your teacher is accredited by the FPMP – you learn to dissociate the movement of the arms and the shoulder, in order to protect the latter by avoiding over-soliciting it. This is very important: indeed, bad postures on a daily basis cause more and more various shoulder pains among students (capsulitis, tendonitis, etc.). However, by losing joint mobility, our entire daily life is affected, not to mention our morale.

* If your spine is completely stiff at 30, you are old; if it is perfectly flexible at 60, you are young. (!)Joseph Pilates

How do online courses work?

These are interactive courses via the ZOOM app. Very easy to master, you just have to download it to https://zoom.us on your computer or phone — you don’t even have to create an account.

Then you choose your date on the schedule and book your session. Once registered, youwill receive a link that will allow you to participate in the session. Simply click on this link at the scheduled time and the app will open on its own and use your built-in webcam (computer or phone) or your outdoor webcam if you have one.

Conduct of online courses

Install your carpet so that I can see you when you are lying in a quiet and bright place.

Important: Check your equipment beforehand (audio and video) so as not to make other participants wait. For this, you can yourself schedule a free session in ZOOM to do your checks.