L'été arrive, tous à l'eau !

Championnat longe-côte Atlantique

Nandini championne double-pagaie et vice-championne pagaie  (catégorie master) lors du championnat Atlantique qui réunissait la Bretagne, les Pays de la Loire et la Nouvelle Aquitaine).

Discover the Randos OxyAlgues

What are OxyAlgue hikes?

Like many people, I was infected with COVID with breathing problems that lasted for several months. When I trained for the championships of Brittany and France 2022, these problems strongly impacted my physical performance. That's why I developed these OXY hikes to regain my breathing abilities, the first step in a successful fitness. 

Breath and energy

It is often believed that the difficulties encountered during our "cardio" or endurance activities come from a lack of muscle tone. Initially, this is mostly due to poor breathing.* But breathing well can be learned. Not to mention that poor breathing leads to many problems that often become chronic diseases; because the cells are poorly oxygenated and, as a result, do not do an optimal job, whether at the level of neurons or cells of our organs that will start working in slow motion.

So, come and regenerate yourself with the OXY walk that combines proven breathing techniques from the Pranayama (Yoga) repertoire and freediver techniques.

How do the OxyAlgue walks work?

  • These hikes are very invigorating both physically and mentally because they take place in silence during the first part. It's like a walking meditation where everyone focuses on their breath in the middle of an inspiring landscape. Very effective to recharge your batteries. In terms of pace, the walk is sustained, without being fast. 
  • Meditative break of a few minutes.
  • On the way back, the silence is broken and you can exchange with your neighbors. Depending on the environment where you are (beach at low tide) or countryside,  the walk always ends with the discovery and collection of an algae or a plant that you learn to recognize and cook. So prepare paper bag and scissors, not to mention thermos, hat and sunscreen.

Who is the OXY hike for?

Unless you have big breathing problems (in this case, contact me), OXY hikes are for everyone, as long as you can adopt a sustained walk for 30-40 minutes. Indeed, the exercises can be perfectly adapted to your physical condition.

The benefits of  OxyAlgue hikes

  • From the first hikes, you feel a boost of energy in your daily life, better sleep, better shape and better sports performance. Since air is our primary fuel, there is nothing more normal than controlled and optimized breathing leads to better health.
  • Note that moving breathing exercises are a little more difficult, but more effective than the same static exercises.


* Breathlessness test: yes, as soon as you practice a little cardio activity (brisk walking, Zumba style dance, et.) you are forced to open your mouth to breathe, it is that there is a bad management of the breath. Worse, the more you try to suck up oxygen (or oxygen dioxide), the less this oxygen will be distributed to your muscles, resulting in great fatigue. Indeed, for this process to be triggered, a minimum level of carbon monoxide is required. However, this level is distorted by the massive absorption of oxygen dioxide. 

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